ship repair and conversion

PT. Tesco Indomaritim performs installation of new engines and other subsystems to achieve maximum efficiency. The company has conducted repair and repowering programs since 1997 on various type of ships, ranging from Patrol Boats, Tug Boats, Corvettes, Landing Crafts to Frigates belonging to the Indonesian Navy and Port Authority.

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PT. Tesco Indomaritim has a strong engineering workforce to support Contract Maintenance services that ensures our clients boats are always fully operational. We efficiently provide a one-step solution to boat owners.

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ship building

PT. Tesco Indomaritim shipbuilding activities specialises in the design and manufacturing of high performance aluminium vessels according to the technical specifications and requirements of our clientele. The company commits to strong research and development as well as innovative ship design to exceed owners’ expectations.

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Delivering Perfomance & Exceeding Expectations

PT. Tesco Indomaritim is a leading Indonesian-based shipbuilding company with a vision to build high quality vessels for the domestic and international markets. PT. Tesco Indomaritim specializes in manufacturing high performance aluminium and steel plate vessels powered with either Waterjet or Propeller system, which is manufactured by the company. The company offers a wide range of built-designed boats for commercial, offshore and military sectors according to the requirements of the end user.

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